LTJ Bukem

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The DnB Messiah returns to Bristol for another bout of serious bass bin madness

When 02/05/2014

23:00 to05:00



LTJ Bukem is the stage name used by the drum and bass musician, producer and DJ Danny Williamson (born 1967). He and his record labels Good Looking and Looking Good Records are most associated with the jazzy, atmospheric side of drum and bass music.

He was trained as a classical pianist and discovered jazz fusion in his teenage years, having a jazz funk band at one stage. However by the late 1980s he decided to become a DJ, and gained fame in the rave scene of the early 1990s. As a producer, he released a series of drum and bass tracks such as “Logical Progression” (1991), “Demon’s Theme” (1992), “Atlantis” and “Music” (1993). His most notable release was the track “Horizons” (1995) which attained considerable popularity.

He then dipped in visibility as a producer, with his work running the London club night Speed and his record label Good Looking Records coming to the fore. A series of compilations entitled Logical Progression highlighted a jazz and ambient influenced side of drum and bass. The style became widely known as intelligent drum and bass, although Bukem himself was opposed to the moniker, unhappy with the implication that other styles of jungle were not intelligent. Bukem also explored the downtempo end of electronic lounge music, with sister label Cookin’ and the Earth series of compilations. Some of the artists who rose to fame under Good Looking in this period include Blame, Seba, Big Bud, Blu Mar Ten, DJ Dream (Aslan Davis), Future Engineers, Tayla, Aquarius (an alias of Photek), Peshay, Source Direct and Artemis.

On 16 July 1995 he did an Essential Mix alongside MC Conrad. In 1997 he remixed the James Bond theme for David Arnold’s concept album of James Bond music. In 2000 he finally released a debut solo album, the double-CD Journey Inwards. The album heavily emphasised his jazz fusion influences. 2001 saw a remix of Herbie Hancock.

He ran the Speed clubnight in London with fellow drum and bass DJ Fabio.

He DJs extensively around the world, often under the ‘Progression Sessions’ or ‘Bukem in Session’ banners, with MC Conrad.

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