Ujima Radio currently off air

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Statement from Ujima Radio CIC Board of Directors about Ujima Radio currently being off air. Thursday 13 March 2014
We regret to announce that Ujima Radio 98FM is currently off air until a situation entirely out of our control can be resolved.
On Tuesday 11 March, at 13.00, the power supply to Ujima House, where the Ujima Studio is, was cut off. The landlords, Ceed Ltd, have not been paying the utility bills, despite the fact that Ujima Radio are fully up to date with all rent and rate payments.

Ujima House is owned by Bristol City Council but leased to a company, Ceed Ltd, who act as landlords, renting the space to us. Ujima Radio have been paying rent and rates to the landlords, but, according to the court warden, the utility bills have not been paid for a long time.

We are calling on Bristol City Council, as owners of Ujima House, to intervene and ensure that power is reinstated to the building so that Ujima Radio, and the other community organisations that rent space in the building, can operate again.

We are asking all friends and listeners of Ujima Radio to join us at 10:00am on Friday 14th March in front of the station, to take a stand, show their support and urge the Council to take responsibility for their building and resolve the situation.

A vital community service has been taken away and we need to ensure that it is now restored.

Please ensure you turn up with as many people as possible and make our voice be heard in celebration of Ujima Radio.

For further information and interviews please contact Roger Griffith, Chair of Ujima Radio on 07770-266311.

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