Ignite Programme presents: Our Mighty Groove


igniteIgnite Programme presents: Our Mighty Groove

Our Mighty Groove is an immersive-interactive show set within a New York underground nightclub where the space is filled with dance, music and ‘diva’ antics. You are the audience and performer as you observe and experience the individual attributes of five female club goers whose personalities and amusing behaviour leave you standing on the edge of your feet!

Using a blend of club styles such as House, Waacking and Vogue, fused with African and Contemporary Dance, Our Mighty Groove is the theatre clubbing experience that empowers you to let go and LIVE YOUR LIFE on the dance floor!

Our Mighty Groove Spring 2015 PROMO FILM from Vicki Igbokwe on Vimeo.


**** – The Independent

Our Mighty Groove is a high-energy immersive production combining infective rhythms, dance styles and attitude – DANCE TOG BLOG

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About Uchenna Dance

The Company

Uchenna Dance is based in London, UK. It was formed in January 2009 under the vision and leadership of Vicki Igbokwe, shortly after she experienced a life-changing trip to New York during the summer of 2008. It was a Wednesday evening and Vicki had just finished taking a house dance class at Peridance Studios and had been told about a club called Sin Sin, that had a house night called Soulgasam. It hit her that this dance she was falling in love with, house dance, was much more than just a style of dance, it was a culture, a way of life. The DJ was spinning some tunes and the dancers were killing it…

The Uchenna dance style fuses Waacking, Vogue and House with traditional African and Contemporary, creating a signatory aesthetic that simply is, Uchenna.

Uchenna (pronounced OO-CHENNA) offers a unique and contemporary addition to the UK dance scene.

Since its inception, Uchenna Dance has grown from an informal explorative company to a tour de force within the dance sector.

The company’s overarching aim is to Empower, Entertain and Educate through dance in a diverse programme that includes the production of dance theatre production experiences, coaching, dance based empowerment workshops and teaching in further and higher education.

Photo credit: Camilla Greenwell
Thursday 10/11/2016
Starts 19:30 to 21:30 TICKET PRICE – £12 / £10 conc