Resonators Live, DJ Stryda, Solo Banton, Henry & Louis, Sasha Steppa, Bliss Zion

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Presented by Trinity ‘ranging from sweet and soulful, to the more deep and progressive elements of contemporary dance music’

When 28/11/2014 22:00 to
29/11/2014 04:00
Ticket Price £10 adv

Resonators (live)


Stryda feat Solo Banton

Lionpulse Sound

Sasha Steppa

Henry & Louis (2 Kings)

Bliss Zion

Powered by: Lionpulse Soundsystem

Resonators: Continuing to turn heads at every corner, Resonators have just dropped a Deluxe Edition of their latest album “The Constant” which features a mammoth collection of previously unreleased dub versions and bonus remixes. Brought together by their love of dub, Resonators have spent the past 8 years refining their own sound. Founded on a roots reggae tradition, the music also reflects the subtleties of it’s 9 members’ diverse musical influences, making them true advocates for the evolving sound of dub. With dual vocal powerhouse Faye Houston and Kassia Zermon (aka Bunty) fronting the group, their repertoire ranges from sweet and soulful, to the more deep and progressive elements of contemporary dance music.

Stryda: Stryda is one half of Dubkasm who release top-quality productions on their Sufferah’s Choice Recordings Label. Such as the anthem of 2014 Victory! He is responsible for bringing many of the top soundsystems and stage shows to Bristol, always ramming Trinity at his Teachings In Dub events. He is one of Bristol’s ambassadors for roots reggae.

Solo Banton: Solo was immediately recognised for his vintage deejay style and intelligent (often comical) lyrical content, and soon found himself in great demand for his talents, working with the likes of Jahtari, Maffi, Mungos Hifi, Zion Gate Hifi and many other sounds & labels worldwide

Lionpulse Sound: Lionpulse has jumped on to the scene in the last few years with their packed out launch party here at Trinity. Their beautiful Soundsystem has gained recognition from many around the UK and further and have worked with artists such as Sleepy Time Ghost on Unit 137. They continue to push things forward and we are glad to have these bois on board.

Sasha Steppa: Bristol based selecta. Specialising in Reggae and Dub. Sasha has hit the scene running playing along side many big acts such as Congo Natty / Smith & Mighty / DJ Krust amongst many more. With intelligent sets that will keep you skanking.

Henry & Louis (2 Kings) – The label has always put reggae production at its heart, though the sound is not a conventional dub sound. Our approach has been to express a Roots & Culture philosophy first and foremost and sometimes that sounds very much aligned with the UK Roots scene, but other tracks pull in wider influences from Dubstep to Trip-Hop. The feeling comes first and the sound follows – that’s how we roll

Bliss Zion– A young singer, songwriter & producer from Bristol. She has recently released a track with on the Maasai Warrior label ‘Freedom Outta Babylon’ and with the likes of Iration Steppas, King Alpha, Roots Injection & Jah Lokko running her productions she is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

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