Teachings In Dub – On a Quest for The Golden Chalice Award

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Teachings In Dub

2 soundsystems, 1 place to be…

When 25/04/2014

22:00 to 05:00


Cristol Bristol

King Earthquake Sound System Est. 1977. King Earthquake started playing in blues dances in Birmingham in the late 70’s and slowly progressed into dance halls playing against all the other YOUTHMAN sounds, at that time they were only a relatively small sound and didn’t get the chance to play in the big league with all the other giants, but they were never defeated as a youthman sound.


As Maasai Warrior We are a Sound System based In Bristol.
First Debut was in 2010 at St Pauls Carnival (Bristol) on Argyle Rd. Shortly After we been playing Regular sessions at the Black swan with promotions such as Bristol Dub Club and Stepping Promotion. Up until july 2012 we started to play sessions outside of Bristol, our first city being Walsal, then in other cities after such as London, Birmigham, leicester, etc. In December we first played outside england and done our first session in Grenoble, France. as the sound progresses we started to play at more session around Uk and In Europe. we played with sounds such as Jah Lokko, King Alpha, O.B.F, Word Sound & Power, Young Warrior, Freedom Masses, Jah Youth, Roots Collective, Lion Youth, Equal Brothers, roots injection, emperorfari and many more sound systems. also done dj set with/on Instrument of jah, Roots Meditation, mo kalamity, Dubkasm, Abashanti-i, Kanka etc. we love to send positive vibes out to the public.

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